Crop Swap and Gardening- along the northern side of the hall

Crop Swap and Gardening- along the northern side of the hall


October 15, 2023    
8:30 am - 10:30 am


Landsborough School of Arts Memorial Hall
485 Old Landsborough Rd, Landsborough, QLD, 4550

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From Soil to Wellness, Landsborough Qld

Crop Swap and Gardening.

The simple answer to How to Join Your Local Crop Swap is – just turn up and join in 🙂

Crop or Harvest swaps are often held in community gardens, schools or inspiring public spaces, these meets allow people to connect with the origins of their food and are about far more than just an exchange.  People swap recipes and growing tips, and really get to know each other.

People come from all different backgrounds, from young families to those swapping to save money or to meet like-minded individuals. Some people do it to benefit their health. Even if you haven’t anything to swap yet, come along anyway and find out what people are needing!

The beauty of crop swapping is equality. It’s based on need and the exchange of skills and labour, reduces waste and cuts food miles. People can focus on what they’re good at and enjoy, whether it’s beekeeping or harvesting seeds.


💚Goods are laid out on the tables. There is an understanding that anything here is offered as excess and is for the taking.

💚Items left under the table are off-limits.

💚High-value items are held back and conversations are had with others to arrange a suitable direct swap. 💚These are sometimes organised prior in the online group.

💚Offerings should be labelled.

💚Seafood, meat and dairy products are not allowed.

💚Leftovers should be taken home, unless it has been stipulated that these will be donated after the event.

💚If it’s a hot day, it’s a good idea to bring a jar of water to keep harvests happy.

💚We acknowledge that some specialty items may hold higher values than what other members have to offer in return.  Organisers should be contacted to seek approval to offer these with an associated monetary amount.


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