Circadian Gardening for Quantum Health Benefits

Circadian Gardening for Quantum Health Benefits


February 17, 2024    
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Here we go! The Sunshine Coast first QUANTUM WELLNESS talk and expo.
Saturday 17th February 2024
9am to 12 noon.
An hour and a half talk, break with tea and coffee, followed by a mini expo with approx 20 presenters.
Meet the new paradigm & lifestyle of circadian quantum biology and how you can very simply adopt a few practices to improve your energy & wellness!

Some results from people who have implemented the simple steps: 

# Much more confidence and trust in my body as an intelligent, organised, energy identity.

# I now actually fall asleep within 10 minutes of going to bed. This is like a major miracle! I’ve had 27 years of sleep issues.

# I’ve cut down my hormone replacement therapy by half, with no side effects!

# I am excited that I no longer crave undesirable food after dinner.  And also I am eating smaller portions, hunger no longer an issue.

# Went and saw my GP this week. Got an almost surprised ‘your looking and doing really well ‘

# My skin spots aren’t as noticeable and not raised like they were.

# I am very excited to realise that most of my issues now are related to not having had enough sunlight, as well as from artificial light at night.

Book the date! Buy your early bird ticket until 31st Dec 2023 or sold out, then $30 per ticket thereafter. And come find out what its all about …

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