Fresh Cheese Workshop- Permaculture Realfood

Fresh Cheese Workshop- Permaculture Realfood


January 13, 2024    
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Cheese glorious cheese!!!

Stop spending good money on cheese when you can make your own.

Mozzarella, Haloumi, and Feta are three fresh cheeses that you can learn to make in your own kitchen without specialised equipment. You don’t need your own cow to make cheese as shop-bought milk will work just as well.

This workshop is aimed at the beginner, and you will soon see that it’s quite easy to make your own delicious cheese from shop-bought milk.

Plenty of opportunities for participation from the group as we make the three cheeses. Samples available for tasting and e-recipes included. Just bring yourselves along and get ready to make your own cheese at home!

Learn also how to make your own healthy, tasty, sourdough bread, wraps, sourdough crackers, and fermented foods inc. sauerkraut, fermented bean pate, tomato sauce, and fermented fruit paste made with water kefir. Included in these workshops is how to make easy sourdough bread from scratch and how to create living throbbing with probiotic life lactic fermented foods. Everyone takes home a loaf of bread to bake at home that evening.

All these foods will greatly increase the health of both you and your family as they taste the delicious creations you will soon be making for them.

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