Sound Healing for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Sound Healing for Anxiety and Stress Relief


August 13, 2023    
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Discover the power of Sound to heal the mind, calm the body, and transform your state of being.
Join me, Tom, as I lead you on a unique Sonic Experience that will release your body and open your heart to new possibilities. Be submersed in the vibrations and let the calm cleansing sounds wash over your body and soul.
These meditative sounds can lead you into the dreamy “theta” state that can:
• Relieve anxiety
• Promote calmness
• Improve sleep
• Reduce pain
• Balance hormones
• Improve decision-making
• Increase creativity and insight
• Impart strength of will
• Help maintain a healthy lifestyle
The event lasts for 90 minutes. Generally attendees bring a mat to lie on to experience the Sound Bath. FOR EXTRA COMFORT, 90mm foam single mattresses are also available for hire. These are pre-book only. Limited number available. BYO sheet to cover the mattress. You may also choose to sit on a chair (BYO chair. Make sure it doesn’t squeak!).
Each individual has a different experience at each Sound Bath. In varying degrees, you may experience:
• Release of tension around the body
• Dream-like states
• Loss of the sense of time
• Feelings of exhilaration
• Floating sensations
• Tingles over the body
• Visions & revelations
• Feelings of unity
• Feelings of disassociation with the body
• Heavy, weighted feelings
• Or feeling sublimely relaxed
To make the most out of the experience:
• Bring a sheet if you are hiring a mattress
• Bring a mat to lie on, pillow, blanket
• Wear comfortable clothes
• Water bottle (optional)
• If you want to sit, bring a comfy chair that doesn’t squeak
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