Your Self Sufficient Theraputic Garden-Downstairs Meeting Room

Your Self Sufficient Theraputic Garden-Downstairs Meeting Room


April 21, 2024    
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Join us in Landsborough in the smaller room under the stairs on the right side of the building, with Annie Infinite to learn how to grow, harvest, and use the plants in your very own Self Sufficient Therapeutic Garden.

This will be a fun and interactive morning exploring, experiencing and savoring the wisdom of nature. Learn how to collaborate with nature and how many common plants can be used to make teas, tisanes, tinctures, herb oils and rubs, ferments and balms to soothe away your hurts, boost your family’s immune wellness, and increase your family’s over-all wellness and vitality.

We’ll learn the basics of herbal medicine and how to re-establish your ancient connection with mother nature, explore the idea that plants have consciousness and that nature has consciousness and that they have the potential to teach us as wise elders and are ready and waiting to act as agents of healing for you and your family.

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn:
1. A short history of herbalism.
2. A list of multi-functional herbs and common plants you can grow, harvest, dry and store in your home apothecary.
3. How to plan your planting and harvesting using the suns full spectrum light to enhance the medicinal and nutritive compounds in your plants.
4. Be taken on a visualisation journey to re-establish your ancient intimate connection with nature and her bounty.
Plus a garden walk if weather and time permits.


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